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YAG LASER Tattoo Removal Machine Eyebrow Pigment Washing Beauty Caring Machine

Three combined heat dissipation functions, faster and better heat dissipation, longer working time. Color LCD screen, microcomputer automatic counting, more convenient to operate. Ruby movement, the movement does not need to be replaced. The light pulse has high energy and effectively removes various pigments. Four wavelength settings, 532nm, 1064nm, black doll (1320nm), 755nm, effectively remove […]

Laser Tattoo and Hair Removal Carbon Peel Skin Care Picosecond laser machine YAG

Portable yag laser picosure laser tattoo removal machine pigmentation spots removal. Picosecond laser is a solution to eliminate freckle. The new technology makes it a powerful and fast energy to shatter the melanin, improve the color of the skin and achieve the purpose of skin rejuvenation! 1 second = one trillioth (ie 10 negative 12 […]